Tuesday, July 8, 2014

MacDonald further proves my point.

On Friday I shared on this blog, and then in greater detail in my last podcast, the story of how James MacDonald and his organization Harvest Bible poisoned my church to the point where I felt I had to leave. I tweeted a link to it on my Twitter and figured I would use his twitter handle rather than name because after all, never say behind a man's back what you wouldn't say to his face. I didn't expect him to notice, let alone respond, after all I imagine his mentions feed on Twitter is pretty hectic. But he did respond, sorta. He blocked me.
I just noticed yesterday as I checked on a whim. Interesting. Frankly the fact that he even noticed indicated I might have hit a nerve. Either way I'm somewhat pleased to see he apparently did see my article. Seriously MacDonald, who am I that you need to hide behind a block button from me? Oh well, just sort of further supports my point regarding who you are and what you're about.

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