Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Review of the Week: Red Sonja #0

I was a big fan of Dynamite's last Red Sonja series. I finally fell out of it after the Death and Rebirth archs, mostly because I was reading so much at the time and I feel like the series was starting to lose some of its magic around that time. But I figured I would give this newest volume a shot, and I was less than impressed.

This issue starts out at Red Sonja's funeral, in which we see a large oafish, and dimwitted man named Red Malak as he laments that Sonja's death has left her "defenseless husband behind". In his grief he racks up quite the debt drinking and sleeping around. Sonja wasn't dead and was only out at sea and returns to find out that a man claiming to be her husband has racked up all this debt. Sonja is attacked by the loan sharks and manages to kill one. Eventually she catches up with Malak, who she actually barely knows and only met once. He tells her her some delusional nonsense as to why he lied and when the two are ambushed by the loan sharks, he dies defending her.

Like I said, I loved the first Red Sonja series Dynamite did, and not just because I'm partial to redheads. Sonja was a strong and bad ass, but also noble and kind character. I also loved how many red pill elements were in it such as how Sonja would lose her strength given to her by the Goddess Mitra if she ever had sex with a man who couldn't best her in battle. Hypergamy as a divine mandate my friends. And like I said, Sonja, while she certainly had her hard edges, was also full of much nobility and even compassion. Gail Simone's Red Sonja however is just Conan with tits. This Sonja is crude, selfish, and borderline infantile. Just like Conan. Now with Conan, it's fun to watch a likable but slightly amoral brute stumble his way into being a hero either by being hired to do so or just running afoul of various villains, but transferred onto Sonja, it loses some of its charm to say the least.

Gail Simone has written a lot of stuff I liked before, but in recent years she seems to have really fallen down the feminist rabbit hole. With this issue she has Sonja acting like one of those women who get drunk and make an ass of themselves to prove they're "one of the boys", and all the men in this issue are either filled with murderous greed, or just a retarded man child. Needless to say, I don't think I'll be getting the next issue.

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  1. Totally agree, Gail's stripped Sonja of her dignity and I just fundamentally don't like her take on the character, although I appreciate she's brought tons of attention to Sonja. For a more old-school take, check out the recent 'Sanctuary' one-shot by Marc Mason.