Monday, July 7, 2014

Separating the Game Boys from the Men: Godzilla

To say this is a really weird game is an understatement. When I looked at Wario Blast I said I would have really liked to have seen what went on behind closed doors to make that game happen. Well I say that to this a thousand times over. When you first turn on the game you get a really solid looking image of Godzilla accompanied by a really fantastic rendition of his theme given the limits of the Game Boy. And then you press start and things get weird.
You play as a cute little version of Godzilla and must destroy all the rocks in each stage and you're attacked by cute little versions of other Toho monsters. Godzilla's attack is a giant fist pops out of his mouth. And all the while cute little music plays.

As I play this one word continues to pop into my mind, and that word is "why". Why are the monsters little baby versions? Why am I climbing vines instead of destroying Tokyo? Why does a giant fist come out of Godzilla's mouth? Why would anyone think this is what a Godzilla game should be?

But here's the thing, this is actually a pretty good game. Mind you, it's not really a good Godzilla game, but it's a damn fun and incredibly challenging puzzle game. In fact challenging isn't even a strong enough word, it's hard as hell. In some of the stages you have to destroy the rocks in a certain order as you will have to use some to reach others, and the damn Rodan is hard as hell to hit. But it's fun and keeps you engaged enough that you want to keep trying, even when it gets frustrating. Still though I can understand why a Godzilla fan might dislike, or even hate this game (although I know at least one Godzilla fan who liked it). It's really not a Godzilla game. In fact you could have just called it something else and not even needed a Godzilla license. You really wouldn't have had to change a thing except maybe some of the monsters.

I would say this game is definitely worth checking out. It's probably one of the most underrated titles on the Game Boy. Good luck beating it, because I sure as hell haven't yet. But I'm still trying.

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