Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Bechtloff's Podcast: Episode 15

In the latest episode of my podcast I laugh at the debacle that was Dashcon, explain why the new female Thor and black Captain America are no big damn deal, share some thoughts about the whole breastfeeding in public debate, and talk a bit more about retro gaming. Check it out here.


  1. Its actually a trend:

    They killed off a Caucasian peter parker and made him half-hispanic, they got superman to renounce his US citizenship because he was disgusted with the American way, they made batwoman to be a jewish lesbian, they made a formerly white Nick Fury replacing him with the ultimate Nick Fury a black man, they got green Lantern to come out as gay and marry another man etc etc.

    1. They killed off a Peter Parker in an alternate universe, and in all fairness Jeph Loeb had already ran the Ultimate line into the dirt anyways, it never made sense for Superman to even have US citizenship in the first place, as the general public in the DCU at that point in the comics didn't think he had a secret ID and lived in the Fortress of Solitude in the Artic, and I agree with Supes' reasoning anyways. I think the lesbian Batwoman is actually a pretty interesting character, certainly more than the irrelevant 50's character she replaced.

      I agree there is a PCing in comics I can't stand, I actually hate the new Blue Beetle and miss Ted Kord, and the gaying of Alan Scott is shameful, but frankly the whole New 52 is shameful, but these characters are not going to be permanent replacements, and I'm not prepared to denounce any of these moves on knee-jerk anyways.

    2. You are right though about the conservative hysteria over those issues. All it ends up doing is the Streisand effect. Making superior conservative culture is the answer. I think this is what the reactosphere is supposed to be and is seeking to do. We have our intellectuals but we havent gotten hold of our own artists yet.