Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Review of the Week: Thanos: The Infinity Revelation

This actually came out last week but I didn't get my hands on it until this week, and there was really nothing out this week I had anything to say on. The story here starts with Eternity, Infinity, and the Living Tribunal discussing a cosmic change that is about to happen. Then we cut to Thanos in his ship in a half dead state that he put himself in so his soul could roam around as he wishes to investigate the feeling that something is wrong he has been having. He visits the Guardians of the Galaxy to talk to his old nemesis Drax, who from panel to panel keeps shifting from his modern look to his more classic look, although Thanos doesn't seem to notice. Later he goes into Mistress Death's realm to look for answers. He gets a clue from the Infinity Well as well as the soul of Adam Warlock tagging along back to the realm of the living. Warlock makes himself a new body, which keeps shifting from panel to panel from two different looks without anyone noticing. The two further investigate the feeling that something is wrong that they both have and eventually they step outside the universe to some ancient power source/cosmic relic, MacGuffin and they see alternate universe versions of themselves. Each of the pairs has one of the different Warlocks, meaning what we've been seeing this whole time are identical events in two almost identical universes. When both sets return to their universes, they go about fixing the damage to the fabric of reality they were sensing using the power from the MacGuffin. In one reality the universe is remade into a twisted reflection of Warlock's subconscious, in the other, Thanos' subconscious. Eventually they undo the damage by apparently merging the two almost identical universes, with the Thanos from one and the Warlock from another. History has also been altered, at this new version of Warlock only ever had this one costume, which is all anyone but Thanos remembers. Also, notice how Thanos basically calls Warlock a fag here.
Warlock was a "dandy", I love it. Anyways Warlock leaves to go do Warlock stuff and Mistress Death shows up and is all over Thanos suddenly.

Jim Starlin on Thanos is always a treat. Slarlin's various Infinity stories have all been amazing, except for Crusade, which was just him bitching about how he dislikes religious. One of my biggest problems with Infinity Gauntlet was that if failed as a "Secret Wars" type crossover, since despite how many guest stars it had, it was the Thanos and Warlock show. This embraces that and focuses almost entirely on those two and their odd friendship/rivalry/hatred/bromance. I also loved how Starlin took stabs at some recent Thanos stories by other writers. As Thanos thinks about what is off about the fabric of reality and how it has effected him he comments that even he doesn't understand some of his recent behavior.

Really I have very few complaints about this hardcover, aside from the fact that it is a hardcover. Why not just a trade Marvel? Do you really need to screw me out of that extra $5 or so? Still, this was worth it, so if you're a Thanos fan, and who isn't these days, check this out.

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