Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review of the Week: Edge of Spider-verse #2

So this series continues to pop around the multiverse introducing or reintroducing us to some of the key players of Spider-verse. This issue we see the much hyped Gwen Stacy Spider-woman. Not necessarily hyped by Marvel, more of a grass roots hype of this character really. Anyways the story has Gwen being bitten by the spider instead of Peter, and Peter, tired of being picked on, tries to give himself powers and turns himself into the Lizard. Gwen has to stop him which unfortunately results in Peter's death, which Jameson uses as an excuse to launch an anti-Spider-woman crusade, resulting in the police, including Gwen's father, after Spider-woman. Ultimately in this issue Gwen reveals herself to her dad, and ends up with his reluctant blessing. Also a UK version Spider-man is seen observing Spider-woman, saying she will do nicely. Apparently he is recruiting her for the spider-verse mess. Although if he is connected to the alternate Ock-Spidey's squad currently appearing in Superior Spider-man remains to be seen. 

For whatever reason, people really seemed to love the idea of this character. As soon as this Gwen Stacy as Spider-woman concept showed up in the solicits people went nuts. Tons of fan art were made. I don't know if it's the costume or what but people loved it. So it would be a damn shame if once we finally see the character it didn't live up to the hype. Well, thankfully, at least in my humble opinion it did. I don't know what Spider-verse will hold for this character, but I for one wouldn't mind seeing her get her own series at the end of this. This issue sets this Gwen up as a really interesting character living in a really interesting alternate world, and the dynamic with her father set up at the end could really use more exploring. And I would love to see how things might go with her and that world's version of Norman Osborn. So far, even though it's barely started I think this event has been pretty damn good, and this is the best issue yet from it. Definitely worth checking out, and is stand alone enough to be enjoyable without even digging into the Spider-verse event as a whole.

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