Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hiding behind a dead man's memory.

As GamerGate continues to march on, the anti-gamergate crowd continues to reveal time and time again what types of people they truly are. Apparently Todd in the Shadows saw a Gamergate supporter say "something cruel" to him on Twitter. This person apparently had the JewWario hat in his avi, to commemorate Justin "JewWario" Carmical who took his life earlier this year. Todd then responded with this Tweet:
Yes. He did this. And it's not like the person tweeting at Todd brought it up, he just had the hat symbol on his avi, and Todd decided that was a good enough excuse to use the memory of his dead friend to defend the political beliefs he likely only has because otherwise his feminist girlfriend won't give him any. Because these people have no actual points, because they are on the side of censorship and corruption, and because calling attempts at holding journalists accountable "harassment" are not working, we now have a prominent GamerGate opponent hiding behind the corpse of a dead friend. To be fair, Todd did issue a half assed apology, which I guess is better than claiming his account was hacked like Brianna Wu did after tweeting that Camera Lady was a"gross fucking aspie", so Todd is at least sorta taking responsibility for his actions. Sorta.

Time and time again we see Gamergate opponents act in immature and vile ways, and yet we're all suppose to believe that it is the Gamergate crowd that is the bad guys. Where are the major Gamergate faces and proponents that are behaving this way? There are none. But it really shouldn't be surprising that the side that is fighting for corruption isn't on the moral high ground.

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  1. one of the best things about gamergate, similar to mgtow, is that there is no central leadership. we have no single person or group of people that anyone can point to and say "these people control all of gamergate."