Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review of the Week: Amazing Spider-man Vol 3 #7

In this issue Spider-man teams up with that new Muslim teen Ms. Marvel, and I can't even pretend to care. Seriously, I have zero interest in that character. I only read the first few issues of her book, but they felt like they were designed entirely to appeal to the SJW tumblr crowd who complain endlessly about "representation". And frankly the only thing that really caught my attention in this book was the Spider-man UK back up story. In it we meet Billy Baddock, who is, for whatever reason, both the Spider-man and the Captain Britain of his universe and a member of the Captain Britain Corps (which is an organization of Captain Britains from various universes who protect the multiverse). We saw Billy observing the Gwen Stacy Spider-woman back in Edge of Spider-verse #2. Here we see him discovering the threat of Morlun and his clan as he sees them ripping through Spider-men in a few different universes, including the worlds of the Spider-man and his Amazing Friends and the Spider-man Unlimited cartoons. There isn't much more to this little back up story than that, but it does introduce us to Spider-Britain and the nods to those two cartoons were decent fan service.

On one level I acknowledge the fan wankery of this story. Just constant nods to the past of the Spider-man franchise. But this also has the potential introduce a lot of interesting alternate worlds. I really enjoyed the Edge of Spider-verse mini for that very reason. And while this story might be, at least in part fan wankery, as someone who loves both Spider-man and multiverse stories, it's exactly the kind of wankery I'm a sucker for. So despite a few flaws I'm really digging Spider-verse. The main story of this book however held little interest for me. I guess I give the book in total two and a half inter-dimensional murders out of five.

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