Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Review of the Week: Mega Man #41

This issue begins the story arch where Mega Man fights through the Mega Man III Robot Masters. In this issue he heads up to a space station to fight Top Man and Snake Man, all the while Dr. Wily is still pretending to be reformed and claiming these robots have gone rouge from him and are following the instructions of the now destroyed Ra Moon. This issue actually did a lot to showcase the characters of Snake Man and Top Man and really give them a ton of personality. I was especially surprised how interesting Top Man was, with his flair for the dramatic as he carefully set up his traps for Mega Man. I'm not gonna lie, I always hated Top Man. In fact I listed him as my number one worst Robot Master ever before, but this issue really made me warm up to him a bit. His power still sucks though.

Also this is issue 41 and we're still in Mega Man III territory. We really need to get a move on. I would like to at least get Proto Man past his Break Man time. But maybe this series will start focusing on world building and less on crossovers now. Either was fantastic issue to a fantastic series. I give it five Top Spins out of five.

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