Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Review of the Week: Superior Iron Man #1

So as a result of the events of Axis, Tony Stark as turned evil, or at least more evil than he usually is. Seriously, after Civil War, am I really suppose to believe Tony needs a magic spell to turn him evil? Seems like he's hanging out in the grey area on his good days. Anyways Tony has given everyone in San Francisco the Extremis so they can be super hot superior versions of themselves. But you only get a taste for free, after that it will cost $99.99 a day. This douchebaggery has him running afoul of Pepper Potts and San Fran's newest super hero, Daredevil (with the help of an old Iron Man armor he got from Pepper).

This is a damn good start to this series. As I said, Tony has always been just a bit of a shit bag to begin with, so having him pushed in this direction somehow feels far more like a natural exaggeration of his darker aspects than some of the other heroes gone bad in this. And the confrontation with Daredevil should be interesting, those two don't have a lot of history together so it makes them interesting opponents. And having them in San Fran rather than New York means its more likely to be just the two of them facing off without interference from a dozen other super heroes. All and all this was a very intriguing start to this series and other than Axis: Carnage, this is my favorite tie in so far.

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