Thursday, December 11, 2014

Changes coming for 2015

Back in January in a short post I said this on this blog:

So this year I intend to focus on self improvement, both physical and spiritual, as well as ditch a few bad habits that had been holding me back. And along those lines some major changes will be coming to this blog, chief among them I'm looking to start doing podcasts and even videos.

And looking back this has been quite the year for me. I did indeed expand into doing a podcast and videos, I climbed a damn mountain, and even got a paid writing gig over at Reaxxion. I've left some bad habits in 2013 and picked up a few good ones. There will be more changes to come here. For starters, the Review of the Week, in which I review a new comic book ever week, is done, after over 2 years of not missing a week. Truth be told I often had very little to say in these last couple months. In the future comic book reviews will go under The Bechtloff's Longbox. Articles on here will be longer, but also not as regular, as I am juggling this, the Youtube, Reaxxion, and a life outside the interwebs. Also I intend to work on my editing skills so I can do video reviews this coming year.

I want to thank everyone who reads this blog and watches my Youtube channel. I hope to have even better stuff for you in 2015.

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